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Working With Primal

How We Get Started and The Ongoing Relationship

FAQs and How This All Works


It’s important to us to be transparent, but also to make this partnership as smooth and seamless as possible.  Effectiveness and efficiency, right?

This page is a comprehensive overview of how a partnership with us works.  Please, if you have any question that isn’t addressed below, please let me know. I will answer you directly and return to update it.  Simply email me at David@PrimalDM.com.

Who Is A “Partner”

A partner is anyone who works with Primal to fulfill services for their clients.  Rather than building and managing your own team, you leverage ours as your own.

To be classified as an active partner, you need to either have at least one client with Primal or be an accelerator member.

Typically, we work with small operations seeking for lean, profitable growth.  That means marketing consultants and small agencies, often with 5 or fewer employees.

Why Partner?

You can hire an in-house team or your own group of contractors, right? Sure. But, the key advantages to you are:

  • Higher Profit Margins
  • Time to Focus on Client Relationships, Business Development, and Strategy
  • A Team with Accountability and Consequences (David here: remember, my name is on the line!)
  • Peace of Mind in Having a Support Network and Team of Proven Experts
  • Lifetime Access to Our Accelerator Program (includes all white-label content, marketing strategies, sales scripts, proposal templates, business sophistication tools, educational material, and more.)

Working With Primal

What are the first steps to starting a partnership?
What happens with my first client?
What if I need help closing a prospect?

WordPress Websites

How do you decide whether to offer a client a pre-built theme or custom-built website?

In short: Pre-built themes almost always work, but the right developer will help you determine that on a case-by-case basis.

To elaborate: If you can find a theme that fulfills your goals and needs, use it!

Your theme selection criteria should be:

  1. Functionality
  2. Design/Look/Feel
  3. Investment to Build and Update

In some cases, the investment becomes at the forefront of the client’s mind or your mind.  If the client is concerned, they may not be an ideal client, or you need to reframe their mindset on strategy and not expenses, or both.  If you are concerned, you need to evaluate whether saving a penny is worth more than earning a buck.

Discover what the client needs of the website. Ask them about features. Understand their sales process, or their prospects’ buying process, to discover what you may need to incorporate. Look at their current website for features and needs.

Now, the right WordPress Developer can help you determine the best option.  That means a bias-free opinion.  This is an important mindset for our developers and we make sure they understand this is vital.

How To Respond When Asked For Website Examples

We can share our website builds from our contractors, but I prefer to reframe this.  I don’t believe in competing with other firms based on a portfolio.

Here’s what I would say if a prospective client requested a portfolio:
“It seems to me your concern may be in trust — are we the right people to build you a quality website. We can spend all day comparing portfolios of different web designers, but let’s look at it this way.  You can go out there and find a low budget person to put together a beautiful website. Honestly, it’s a commodity.  If all you cared about is a cheap job, I’d encourage you to go elsewhere.  But I know that’s not you.

Besides, there’s a good chance you will end up where I see most people who do that: at worst with a half-done project and a website developer who disappeared with your money, or at best with a complete website that’s pretty and all, but doesn’t focus on the marketing side — actually taking visitors and turning them into prospects and customers.  With me, you get that beautiful website, but it also produces a return-on-investment and you have someone accountable to work with — me. On top of that, I’ll guarantee you love it at the end, or we’ll keep working on it until you do. But, it all depends on your goals — to save a buck or to earn a dozen.  And yes, I will share a website sample with you to look over but I don’t build out portfolios.”