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Why Primal

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Definition of Primal:

essential; of first importance; fundamental.

relating to the needs and behaviors that form the origins of emotional life.


Primal Digital Marketing was created out of a need to help businesses seeking growth discover the profitable opportunities in digital marketing.  Of course, that’s only possible if you start by focusing on strategy.


And if you want to know why the name: Primal, refers to reconnecting digital marketing with the one thing that connects all human beings together — our emotions.  All materials we create on behalf of clients are created by expert copywriters who understand the client’s ideal customers and how to communicate in a way that connects with them, not just in a logical way, but an emotional, primal way.


Primal formed through a combined passion for, and understanding of, multiple intertwined realms:

psychology, communication, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, growth, strategy, and, of course, digital marketing.

What's Primal Really About?

The Summary

Primal is a digital marketing strategy firm in Providence, Rhode Island.  We develop custom-tailored digital strategies that focus on results for our clients, helping them reach their goals.

Our clients, small and medium-sized businesses seeking growth, need strategy more than anyone.  It’s what eliminates wasteful activities and reinforces profitable measures.

It starts with making sure you have a high performing digital sales funnel.  Then, we kickstart growth by generating demand.  Lead after lead will come right into your business.  But it all begins with strategy.

Who We Work With

Keys to Our Ideal Clients

Primal works with companies that sell complex products and services, where customers generally prefer researching prior to buying.

Our clients usually fit the following three guidelines:

  1. Embrace a desire to grow
  2. $5-15 million in annual revenues
  3. Selling a complex product or service

What Makes Primal Special?

Three Key Things...


First, our company was built on strategy and reinforced by several disciplines.  We aren’t just “techies” or tacticians.  We study psychology, communication, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, growth, and, of course, digital marketing and strategy.  When you get to the heart of it, it’s all rooted in the most vital element of successful digital marketing that so many other digital marketers miss: strategy.

Market Research

Second, we do our homework.  Market research is a dying art with it being so easy to set up a new Facebook page or online advertising campaign.  Instead, we take our time to identify your ideal customer, determine the best way to reach them, and see what opportunities are available to your, unique business.


Finally, we understand digital marketing has caught a bad name because of dubious “agencies” and “consultants”.  That’s why we always act with integrity.  We only work with businesses that will benefit wildly from working with us, and we do our best to figure that out as early in the process as possible.  We don’t wait until we’ve cashed your check to let you know what return to expect.

So, what can we do for you?  I don’t know.  I’m not going to push any tactic on you.  I can’t tell you until we sit down and figure out exactly where you are and where you need to be.  Then, we start on the strategy…

With strategy, market research, and integrity, I know that I can serve my clients better than 99% of the consultants and agencies out there.


~David J. Bradley
Managing Director

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