Case Study

Rebranding: Website + Logo

The Challenge

Our client needed to establish his consultancy as a leader in distinct but crowded categories.  However, budgets were limited due to the early age of the consultancy.  There was a need to develop a digital presence that was open-ended, for future iterations, but well-established, professional, and contemporary to represent the company style and values.

The Solution

We worked with the client to identify high-leverage opportunities for digital branding.  Specifically, we decided to define the corporate image through the development of a new logo; and, we developed a new website.  The company’s original website was static, lacked meaningful, and did not engage visitors.  The new website was formed with a contemporary feel, aligning to the personality of the consultancy, and with a marketing-focused design.


Website Redesign


Corporate Rebranding

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Original Website Design

Bland and Lacking Personality.

New Website Design

Complete Copywriting, Design, and Branding Rehaul.

Redesigned Corporate Image

With A New Logo To Match

Original Logo

Redesigned Logo