How Would You Like

To Double Your Business


…For Free?


From The Desk of David J. Bradley

Providence, RI

Dear Friend,

I’m seeking an ideal client.  The type of client that I love working with and that loves working with me.  Basically, someone I can help achieve massive growth.

I’m hoping that perfect client may be you, but I’m not sure yet.  If it is you, I’ll personally work with you and your team, as we mutually decide fit, to drive business growth over the next 12 months – or until we decide you’re going to continue on your own.


You Have No Risk But HUGE Potential Reward


Let me explain.

First, this isn’t the first time I’ve reached out to you.  There’s a reason I’m following up.  I DO see potential for you to be that perfect client that I help achieve massive business growth.

My name is on the line, so I don’t waste time with businesses that don’t seem the right fit.

Second, I’m only asking for about 60-minutes of your time for now.  That gives us enough time to deep dive on your business, current challenges, and where you want to go strategically.

Third, and most importantly… you don’t pay a single dime for this session.  I normally charge $5,000 for a complete digital strategy.  That includes your best plan of attack and how to execute it as well.  For you, because again, I see potential… it’s free.

This first meeting will help us determine exactly whether you are the dream client (and if I’m the dream partner you didn’t know existed).

After that, again with no obligation, I will present to you the solution to any sticking points you face or opportunities you didn’t know you had.  Together, we will figure out if any areas need fine-tuning before we’re ready to take action.


At this point, we have one of three options:

  1. You’re excited and want to start implementing this today with your in-house team. I wish you luck, stay open to an occasional call or email, and check in every few months to see how things are progressing.
  1. You’re excited and want to become my client. I continue to personally work with you to execute and refine the strategy over time for more and more profit.
  1. You don’t like the plan for whatever reason – any reason. I cut you a $100 check as reparation for “wasting your time”. Time is our most valuable asset, after all.


That’s it.  Simple, risk-free, and opportunity-rich.

WORST CASE SCENARIO: You spend an hour hearing an outside perspective you may not like, but at least leave with enough money for a nice date night.  Filet Mignon and Cabernet, anyone?

I don’t think I need to explain the best case scenario.


I Guarantee, This Is The Best Deal

Coming Across Your Desk All Year


Here’s our next steps:

First, we can jump on a phone call, one-on-one, and go over your business.

We’ll look at what you’re doing today, what challenges you face, and where you are looking to go.

Once we have that foundation established, we’ll start on a strategic plan of action.  These are the first steps you need to take to boost profits today.

The strategic plan can go a number of ways.  For example:

I might show you how to communicate why you’re uniquely fit for your ideal customers, how to generate high quality leads eager to do business with you, how to nurture prospects until they’re ready to buy, or how to use your current database to boost sales.

And if a list of prospects already exists, we’ll have a quick way to generate mounds of cash within days.

Remember – there’s no risk and no charge on this…


So Why Even Offer It?


Put simply, I love this.  I’ve lived for online marketing since I was 12 years old, running my first websites, communities, and businesses online.  Today, I love seeing clients succeed and grow.

But passion doesn’t pay the bills.

This is also how I get my ideal clients.  My dream clients.

This is how that works:

You’re a dream client and loved the strategic plan I created for you.  If that’s the case, there’s a good chance you want to work together long-term.  You don’t have to – but you want to.

At that point, you will likely be invited to become a consulting client.

If that’s the case, you’ll be billed monthly for an agreed-upon amount, based on what we implement.  It can be anything from $1,000 to $20,000.

But don’t worry – ROI is part of the plan every monthThat’s why this will be an investment and not an expense, again, risk-free.

And with each month we work together, we’ll generate more business more efficiently.  Every month gets better.

With the plan we put together, you may get the full first months “fee” back before your check even clears.

But hey, if you don’t want to become a client, no problem.  There’s no sales pitches, no obligation, and no pressure.  You know how to make your own decisions.

You have a guarantee, also.


You Find Your Strategic Plan Valuable

Or Else I’ll Cut You A $100 Check

(And Find The Best Steakhouse In Your Area)


Now, I know you’re inundated with marketing “pros”, digital gurus, and web developers from India all day, every day.  But how many offers like this come across your desk each day?

Think about this.

I’m spending my time to create a profitable strategy for you, for free, with no obligation and no expectations.  You can pay me later if, and only if, you decide we should work together long-term.

Plus, you’re guaranteed to be excited about this plan or I’ll pay you $100 just for the time we spent talking.


Who Else Would Do That?


NO ONE.  Not a single guru, pro, or agency.

But, I do.  It’s part of my business philosophy: your success is my success.

End of story.

There’s a reason my book is a best-seller that sold in six continents (still waiting for Santa Clause and his neighbors to buy).  The reason is that a strategic approach to digital marketing is what separates the leaders.

I spent two years earning my MBA and every year since I was 12 learning about online marketing.  I’ve put the time in to know what everyone else is doing – and what they’re not doing.


This Is NOT For Everyone.


Here’s who would be my ideal client:

  1. Have an established business earning seven-figures minimum.

You need to be up and running but looking to start sprinting.

  1. Have a growth-driven mindset.

If the status quo is fine with you, I was wrong to reach out and we aren’t a good fit.

  1. Have marketing and advertising started in some way.

If you’ve never even attempted to market before, we’re going to have our work cut out for us.  For that matter, how do you go about getting customers?

  1. Be good at what you do and be good to who you do that for.

I don’t want to get into a talk about ethics, but I only work with companies that add value to their customers and all stakeholders.

Be legit and credible.

That’s all for my requirements.


Here’s What To Do Next


Assuming you’re interested in talking and meet my criteria above, I’ll find time to set aside for you.

Here’s how we begin:

  1. You complete a short application. It’s simple and unobtrusive.

This just gives me the basic understanding of what your business does and what you want to accomplish.  It saves us valuable time on our call.

  1. Depending on the day, you’ll hear from either my assistant Mary or myself to schedule a 60-minute meeting with me.

This is where we begin figuring out where you want to go strategically and how to get there.

  1. From there, I’ll present the strategic plan to you in its entirety. You can then begin implementing it yourself or become a client and I’ll do all the dirty work for you.

If you don’t become a client, don’t worry.  You still have the plan and you can still start generating loads of cash with it.


But Nothing Is Forever


Neither is this offer.

I literally cannot give this offer to everyone.  It takes focused time and energy on my end, so there’s a limit to the number of clients I can work with – dream client or not.

So, I would ask you – if you want to be one of the handful of clients I work with and you see the low-risk, high-reward offer I’m presenting to you…

Contact me now by email or phone and I will send you the application immediately.

Best wishes,


David J. Bradley
Managing Director,
Primal Digital Marketing
[email protected]
Direct: (401) 300-4914