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What We Do

At Primal, we help growing businesses gain more customers and

boost profits with a custom-fit strategy and digital sales funnels.


That means your marketing won’t be an expense anymore, but an investment.

If you worked on a digital strategy for my business, what would that mean?


That means you receive a detailed strategy with actionable insights.  Whether you want to implement the strategy with your in-house team or want to take us on as partners, a step-by-step guide is given that leads you to more customers, boosted profits, and goals attained.

Integrity comes first.  You’ll never have to worry about generic strategies or suggesting tactics that line our pockets.  Your success is our success.  And, you work directly with the principal, meaning his name is on the line.  That also means you won’t get stuck as part of the training cycle with a new associate.  Rest assured, you will see results.

It begins with understanding your business, who your ideal customers are, and where you want to go strategically.  We discover this by spending a day directly inside your business.  That means one-on-one interviews and meetings with key executives, managers, and front-line staff in various departments.  We immerse ourselves in your business.

And again, you won’t get the new entry-level hire.  You get the principal of Primal, David Bradley, to work directly with you and your team.  Combining this with in-depth market research and a team of experts allows us to deliver the action plan that moves your business to that ideal strategic position.

On that note, let’s talk about the team.  We don’t have a big in-house team here at Primal.  We look at what you need to get done and build a team based upon that.  We constantly network with top professionals internationally to find the best talent at affordable rates.  That means you don’t get overcharged to maintain overhead on staff that’s busy working on other clients.

With clear priorities, focused expertise, and a custom-fit strategy to drive results, you’ll see your business consistently grow.


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The Plane and The Engine

The Wright Brothers were the first to successfully fly an airplane.

How? They built the frame of the airplane and flew it without an engine while everyone else spent time trying to bolt on an engine.

Your marketing system is the frame

And demand generation is the engine

Get it in the right order and you can be like our friend in the first picture.

You Need A Strategy

  • Discover your ideal customer
  • Understand how to speak to your ideal customer
  • Align your marketing and sales to your goals

This strategy helps us first see where your marketing system needs to be corrected and then how we can approach a demand generation strategy.

What to Expect in a Partnership with Primal?

We have a process aimed at discovering the best opportunities for you.