The Monthly Client Briefing

Referral System

The Challenge

Your competition is always out there chasing after your clients.  They don’t care about your relationship or contract.  They just want to form their own relationship.

Also, your clients have their own business to worry about. They can’t spend their days thinking about how they can better serve you and work with you more.

The Solution

Build on your existing relationships, stimulate new relationships, and manipulate your authority through a monthly client briefing.  Perhaps you elect to start quarterly.  But, hold this event and make it just that: an event.  While everyone else is cold calling and emailing and “networking”, you are delivering top quality value and bringing together a group of action-oriented professionals.

Here's How It Works

Step 1: The RIGHT Way To Invite Clients

You need to be very particular about how you go about inviting a client.

First, always prioritize personal contact. If you will see them in-person, excellent. If not, opt for a phone call. The next step down is a direct mail letter signed and sent to them. The worst option is an email. Don’t resort to the worst option!

Now, you want to let them know about this event you are setting up and why they will want to attend. You can mention the educational material, the audience, and the networking.

Now, you want to tell them, “I’m going to put you down for yourself, plus one.  If you can’t find anyone to attend, just call me a day or two before the event please.”

If you just tell them to invite someone, most of them won’t. That’s an added chore that they forgot about putting on their to-do list by the time you finished asking.  But placing some weight on it by adding that plus-one from the start shifts things. It makes it more likely they will go find someone.  You can also add in a phone call to check in with them if you want to be sure 1-2 days before the event day.

Step 2: Position The Event

Imagine the authority you will be as the facilitator of this event!  You host this private event.  That adds prestige and exclusivity itself.  On top of that, you are collecting serious business owners and entrepreneurs together.  Again, providing more value with the network.

Aside from conducting this event, you are providing educational content.  It doesn’t have to be exhaustive, but it must be valuable.  If you host this quarterly or monthly, plan out potential topics well ahead of time.

Make the advice real and actionable.  Avoid fluff and hyperbole.  It doesn’t even have to be strictly online-related, but it could have some intersection.  For example, “how to develop a unique selling proposition and integrate it into all you do”.  You can mention integrating it into sales calls, but dive deep on integrating it into online ads, websites, emails, and so on.

Step 3: Plan and Execute The Event

We understand the premise.  But we need a strategy.

First, you need potential venues.  You have exponentially more options than you realize.  You can host it at your office if you have one.  You can have a client host it, while bringing an influential audience to them.  Colleges have conference rooms to use.  There are shared office spaces like those of Regis or your local coworking space.  You may even partner with someone: a bank, an attorney, a restaurant or lounge.

Second, decide on a budget.  It can be anything from $0 to $600.  Any more tends to be unnecessary.  Zero is often well enough.  In the budget, consider venue costs, if any, catering, if any, and materials, if any.  Having material to share with attendees would be wise — both for use that day as well as to take home afterward.

Third, plan your day.  The content must be valuable. The presentation should be professional. Networking should be natural and beneficial to all. Of course, also, how you generate referrals.  You need to simply ask!  But also, use that networking time to meet with the invited guests one-on-one.

Is That All There Is To It?

Yes and no.  There is SO much you can do with this event.  No local clients?  Adapt it to a webinar and teleconference.  Want it to extend beyond a one-off event?  Record it and repackage the content.  Want to increase the number of attendees of a certain type?  Host it with a strategic marketing alliance partner.  The opportunities are endless, but this is ready to go for you whenever you want.

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