The Big Push

How To Generate Referrals Immediately

The Challenge


You want and need to get more sales in the door.  You have the option to do an expensive campaign or time-intensive outreach.  If there was a simpler way, you would be all over it – but you’re out of ideas.

How can we get new, quality, warm leads quickly, without having to spend all our time, money, and energy on something with unpredictable results?

The Solution

Recruit your best salesmen to bring in those quality, warm leads.  No, not the salary + commission team.  The team that loves working with you and sending you business, because you’re doing such an amazing job for them.  That’s right, your clients.

Here's How It Works

Step 1: Decide On How To Reach Out

The more personal you can be the better – always.


Top priority always goes to being in-person, face-to-face with someone. The challenge is that it doesn’t scale. You also may have clients that you never meet face-to-face.  If this is the case, or you have too many clients to meet with them all, try the second priority.

Second priority in this scenario: direct mail letter with follow-up phone call.  You can write something authentic and clear, so the message doesn’t get confused.  You need them to understand this situation, what you offer, and what you ask precisely.

The follow-up call can be noted in the letter.  We will explain all of this in a moment!

Step 2: Position The Situation

When you write the letter to your client, let them know you are about to do a big marketing push.  But, as your loved clients, you want them to stay priority…

As such, if they have anyone they believe can benefit from the same results you are bringing them, ask them to please connect the two of you.  They can do that by email, or phone, or simply give you permission to mention their name after you reach out yourself to the recommended contact.

Set a deadline!  This can’t be a never-ending story, since you need to start your marketing push yourself (be authentic and ethical about that also!).  The deadline also gives you an idea of when to do the follow-up call.

That’s it: write the letter, add some scarcity, add some love, make them feel the pressure, and include a call-to-action.  Follow-up as needed.

Step 3: Stage The Offer

Why should they help you with this?  Well, first, you produced them great results so they appreciate you.  Second, they understand referrals are a quality lead generation method in business.  Third, they want to help others.

They want to help others.  You need to remember how helpful you are to this client’s business.  You help them reach their strategic goals.  That’s meaningful!  They will want you to do the same for the people they associate with.

Have conviction in what you do and always deliver results.  Everyone else will have conviction in you.

Is That All There Is To It?

Yes and no.  You can build that offer to be something special for these clients of yours.  A discount?  A higher value offering included?  An extended guarantee?  A quicker turnaround time?  How about some combination of some or all of those?  Be value-forward and expect nothing in return.  You will always see a tremendous return.

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