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Consulting Accelerator Mastermind

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David is the real deal. Not only is he one of the sharpest marketers out there (on both a tactical and strategic level) but David actually CARES about the success of the people he works with.

Dollar for dollar, there is no better investment than in a solid mastermind group, like David’s. You’ll form invaluable connections, see what’s working NOW and how to apply it in your unique situation which combined will shortcut your path to success — saving you months and even years of trial and error.

Nick Sudhaus

Founder, BeyondEngage LLC

How Does This Work?

A Personal Advisory Board

You have complete access to myself, David Bradley, of course.  But also, you have the entire group of about seven others who are entirely focused on your success.  Consider it your personal board of advisors.

Ruthless Focus On Your Success

Everything we do and discuss is focused on your success.  Need to generate more leads?  We’ll figure it out.  Anticipating fast growth?  We’ll figure out what pitfalls you need to avoid.  Simply having difficulty maintaining traction in your market?  No problem.  We’ve been there before and helped many others get past that sticking point.


Monthly Mastermind and Bonus Coaching

The group will meet on a monthly basis for two hours.  Voice your challenges to the group for feedback from multiple perspectives. Together, we will share our insights and experiences to ensure you have the best plan moving forward and solutions to any challenges.  As a bonus, you will have a one-on-one coaching session quarterly directly with me, David Bradley.

I have been involved with a mastermind group that David is the leader of for many months now.  Mastermind groups can be very rewarding.  You need a person that is the leader or coach and David has been that in this Mastermind group with success!  It has been well worth the investment of both time and cost!

David is a highly skilled Marketing person with a wide range of skills to help a business grow or become more profitable.

Tony Bernard

#1 Best Selling Author and Creator of MarketingBlueprintForContractors.com

Interested in the mastermind?

This is not for everyone.  The process is simple, however:

  1. Apply to join the mastermind
  2. Wait for an interview to be scheduled between yourself and David Bradley
  3. If you are accepted, we will give you complete details on the schedule and initiate payments. We simply ask you then to be ready to accelerate your business forward and be open to the feedback that will help you do that.