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I like to use the term “Adapt and Adopt.”

I say that because if you are open minded and you are listening to others how then handle things or work around things and you ask how can I adapt or adopt that to my business, you can save years of frustration and who know how much cost!

Plus in this group setting, there are others that can offer different suggestions to help solve your problem or situation.

Tony Bernard

#1 Best Selling Author and Creator of

A Simple But Necessary Three Step Process


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Membership requires application.  We need commitment from the beginning; and to be thorough in our selection of best-fit members.  The information needed is fundamental and vital.

The Interview

After your application is received, you will be contacted to speak with David Bradley by Skype or phone.  The interview allows us to dig deeper into whexactly is on the other side of the computer screen and behind the business.

Join - Or Not!

Is there a fit?  We hope so!  But it isn’t always the case.  At this point, we can determine together whether or not it makes sense to move forward.  If it does, we will be excited to have you join our group of digital professionals.  If not, we will part ways and wish you the best of luck, but do hope you stay in touch.