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Marketing Automation

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Reach every prospect. Even the ones you never knew about.

  • Visitors that complete web forms 2% 2%
  • Visitors you lose that don’t fill out web forms 98% 98%

Connect with Customers.
Build Powerful Relationships.

Core Features and Possibilities

Email Automation

Dynamic Forms




Automate emails to be released based on a prospect’s behavior and set triggers so you have one-to-one conversations with the lead throughout their buying journey.

Know what email campaigns lead to clicks, opens, and bounces, but don’t be limited to that.  See what pages they visit, what they download from you, and forms they fill out after that campaign was sent.

Create emails that look great with ease in the email editor, using templates, or creating your own templates.  And remember, merge tags allow you to speak directly to your prospect, rather than sending out blanket emails.

Build and customize your form in seconds with the drag-and-drop interface. Add engaging call-to-action buttons, use CSS to for the form to blend with your site, or link your current form builder to our system (including FormStack, Gravity Forms, Wufoo, Sugar and Salesforce).

Get all the information you need with a single form by using custom fields and integrating with a 3rd party CRM, if you don’t want to switch to our built-in CRM.

Measure, compare and optimize form performance with complete insights. Which gated content is driving your lead conversion? Better understand your marketing ROI with powerful metrics.

Track past visitors and have their information autocompleted on new forms – lower friction = higher likelihood of completing the form. Did you know completed forms increases the likelihood of buying by 100-300%?

Automated email campaigns allow you to continually engage leads and educate them throughout their buying journey.

Focus on the hot-prospects. Advanced lead scoring allow you to choose who is most likely to buy based on pages visited, forms completed, downloads made, and demographic criteria.

Place your contacts on lists based on their behaviors so you know their interests and position in your sales funnel.

Events and guidelines help you to manage your processes with prospects. Set it up and let it run to save you time!

98% of your visitors don’t fill out a form, so they remain anonymous. VisitorID changes that and gives you contact info so these visitors become tracked prospects.

Help your sales team by giving them all the information on your contact – what pages they visited, if they checked on pricing, if they completed a form, and so on. Even send notifications by email or text to salespeople.

Have certain pages that are important to your sales process? Certain industries of your visitors you want to target? Is it a good sign when someone spent a few extra minutes on a certain page? Focus on those visitors above others.

Get an email digest each day of all visitors, leads, opportunities, and customers that have visited your site.

Easily track campaigns to see costs and revenues associated with your marketing, whether weeks after they appear on your website or months later with an offline interaction.

Track PPC campaigns, see keyword data, and identify costs to make the right decisions for your marketing force.

Know every step a lead takes including page visits, time on page, emails sent and received, and social events. Use the interactions to trigger new events to continue engaging and educating the prospect.

Instantly get reports with all the information you need and want to measure so you can forecast for success.Customize Campaign, VisitorID and CRM reports to include metrics that matter.

See an entire workflow’s performance, like email campaigns, and know what is causing your leads to engage, convert or unsubscribe. Optimize each component for maximized sales and minimized waste.

Bonus Features

CRM System

Call Tracking


Sync your favorite CRM to our system, including leads, activities, opportunities, custom fields, lead scores and more. Salesforce and SugarCRM connect in seconds, and Zapier can help you to connect Zoho, Pipedrive, Nimble and almost all other CRMs.

Move opportunities through your funnel with a simple drag-and-drop function to track the sales cycle from beginning to end.

Collaborate with complete internal communication across the platform.

Heighten efficiency by setting reminders throughout your opportunities and have peace of mind that no prospect is forgotten.

CRM reports give you the information you need to analyze your sales process and find areas for improvement.

One platform for all your needs. Don’t worry about setting tracking codes, jumping between systems, and the various bills.

Let your phone reps see real-time information about the caller’s behaviors on your website and what lead them to call in. All the information you need to help you close a sale.

Callers are synced between your marketing automation platform and CRM instantly.Then, follow up with your callers with an automated drip campaigns and workflow so the conversation doesn’t end.

Your Contact Manager will show you the lead’s social profiles, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  Connect, engage, and keep the conversation going.

Forget the bland text-only database design.  Profile pictures can be automatically pulled from LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Gravatar, and Yahoo to put a face to the name.

Send automatic invitations to leads to connect and grow your network.

How are your team members connected to a lead? Find out and use that to engage a new prospect or close an existing opportunity.

Marketing and sales never met quite like this before.

  • Fortune 500 B2B companies using automation 53% 53%
  • The world’s largest SaaS companies using automation 76% 76%
  • Rate that customers will manage their relationships without talking to a human by 2020 85% 85%
  • Budget saved on direct mail because of event-triggered emails 80% 80%
  • Faster cycle times with automation 70% 70%
  • Improvement in quota achievement 54% 54%


Relevant emails delivered through automation drive 18 times more revenue than email blasts


A robust platform, unlimited potential, and a capped monthly price…

*All plans billed annually. Primal reserves the right to deny service or charge additional fees in extreme usage cases.

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