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Getting Digital Marketing Right


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This Book Will Help You:

  1. Develop a simplified process to creating a powerful strategy
  2. Align your vision and goals to your strategy and marketing
  3. Experience a return-on-investment with your marketing


Additionally, you will learn:

  1. How to design a complete digital sales funnel
  2. Identify your ideal customers and the best methods of reaching them
  3. How you can be a masterful digital marketer without technical expertise
Getting Digital Marketing Right by David J. Bradley


  • Accompanying Workbook
  • Ideal Customer Profile Guide
  • Coupon for Accompanying Udemy Course
  • Copywriting and neuromarketing mini-lesson

and more…

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Develop a Strategy

With a simple, five-step process, develop a powerful marketing system to fuel your business.

Digital Sales Funnel

Understand the process from getting attention to having customers send you business.

Maximize ROI

Trying every tactic and technique would leave us lost in the world of digital marketing.  There’s just too many options.  Discover what you need for your business so you see ROI.

David J. Bradley

David J. Bradley

Digital Marketing Strategist

Meet the Author:

David is the founder of Primal Digital Marketing where he helps business owners develop digital marketing strategies to generate demand, boost revenues, and drive sales.

With his book, David hopes to help more business owners with their digital strategies than he could ever meet with directly.  If you have any questions for David, you can reach him directly at David@PrimalDM.com.

David J. Bradley

Managing Director and Founder

Primal Digital Marketing


Get the full book on Amazon now!

Get the Kindle and Audiobook FREE for 3 days only!

(Hardcopy version also available)

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1. Do you have a digital marketing strategy? (A detailed plan, written out?)
2. Do you track analytics, goals, and key performance indicators?
3. Do you speak to a general audience (opposed to a specific, ideal customer)?
4. Do you have a digital sales funnel clearly defined and in use?
5. Do you periodically review your digital strategy to improve it?
6. Are you happy with your budgeting for your digital marketing?
7. Are you positioned well in your market, while making that clear to clients?

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Get the Kindle and Audiobook FREE for 3 days only!

(Hardcopy version also available)