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David J. Bradley

Founder of Primal Digital Marketing
David J. Bradley, MBA

David J. Bradley, MBA

Founder, Digital Marketing Strategy Expert

Hi there, I’m David. I started creating my first websites and online communities at 12 years old.

Today, I continue my work in the digital space.  But, most digital marketers have it wrong.

They focus on cute design, site traffic, and Facebook likes.  I’d rather focus on ROI.

I work with small and medium sized businesses to help them find that ROI in their digital marketing as they grow.  We generate leads, drive sales, and automate the process with them.

My digital marketing team doesn’t care about advertising awards.  We don’t want to design pretty websites on our Macs in coffee shops.  We want to help businesses earn more money, grow, and reach their goals.

Most web design shops and digital marketing agencies are focused on those vanity metrics they can wave around (site traffic, Facebook Likes), the cute designs (and those awards that go with it), and other things that look good.  But do you care about that?

Let’s focus on quality leads, business growth, and ROI.


MBA, Providence College – Marketing

BS, Rhode Island College – Marketing, Operations

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
  • College Leadership Rhode Island Program Committee Member
  • Young Alumni Advisory  Committee Member (Rhode Island College)
  • Business Education Innovation Program, created programming: “Leadership Styles in Organizational Decision Making” (Providence College)
  • Developed Leadership Curriculum at College-Level
  • Leadership Coaching Course (Providence College)
  • Emerging Leaders I & II (Rhode Island College)
  • Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence, (Case Western Reserve University)
  • Consumer Neuroscience & Neuromarketing (Copenhagen Business School)
  • Neuromarketing Science and Business Association member

Bing Ads Accredited Professional – Microsoft

The Emotional Intelligence and Neuromarketing Difference

I didn’t excel in digital marketing until I studied an area that most marketers don’t think about: emotional intelligence.

Self-awareness has been the greatest gift to my life.  I began experimenting with this in 2007.  This awareness has opened the door to many opportunities, allowed for greater understanding of others, and accelerated my personal and professional growth.

Over the years, I became interested in practical neuroscience; how understanding the science can affect us day-to-day.  As part of that, neuromarketing was a natural transition.

Neuromarketing is as it sounds; the intersection of neuroscience and marketing.  It removes the guesswork and gives you facts.  It also helps you to understand the emotions of people when you discover how people interpret information through their three brains (the new, thinking brain; the old, feeling brain; the primal, deciding brain).

I’m thankful to have found these topics I can be so passionate about that also add to my personal and professional life, emotional intelligence and neuromarketing.

David Bradley is well skilled in all aspects of business communications and marketing. He is a quick learner who presents himself as a gentleman and professional at all times.

I asked David to tackle a wide diversity of tasks and he handled them swiftly and effectively always. David Bradley would be an asset to any top notch organization.

Rick Provost

Brand Building Director, Classic Entertainment & Sports

David’s savvy insight to marketing and social media is a huge asset to CES.

Jimmy Burchfield, Jr.

Vice President (Partner, D'Amico & Burchfield LLP), CES MMA & Boxing

It’s difficult to find reliable, driven, honest, hard working entrepreneurs; however, he fulfills and exceeds these criteria. Mr. Bradley has my utmost respect.

Nicholas De Martino

Account Coordinator, News America Marketing

David puts 110% effort into all that he does, and always went the extra mile for me.

David played a crucial role in marketing the studio, through various social media and face-to-face interactions.

Anyone who hires him will be glad they did. I can guarantee he brings a solid work ethic and ambition to the table.

John Robinson

Performance Group Leader / Martial Arts Coach, Rhode Island Combat Club

Drip…drip…drip… Lead after lead comes in.

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