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Digital Sales Funnel

The frame that keeps your business flying high

What do I mean by “your digital sales funnel is the frame that keeps your business flying high”?

Well… Let me explain.


The Wright Brothers were the first people to successfully build an airplane.

In a market full of people trying to throw on the biggest engine and forget about the wings, the Wright Brothers focused on building a plane that could fly without an engine. Once successful, they added an engine…

Spending money on advertising and ignoring your digital sales funnel is like spending more money on an engine without paying any notice to the plane.

First, you must fix the sales funnel. Then, you can focus on closing leads and investing in advertising.

Focused on a plane that could glide without an engine.

First, we create a strategy

This strategy will help us understand:

  1. Where you are today
  2. Where you want to be in the future
  3. How we can help get you there

But it goes beyond that.  We discover all your opportunities, evaluate your competitive landscape, and make recommendations on your best options to reach your goals.

Before we develop the strategy, we need to set up a consultation to figure out if it makes sense for us to work together.  To get started, contact us for your consultation.


Next, you have three options with your strategy and digital sales funnel

  1. Do nothing.
  2. Try to do it yourself or hire an agency.
  3. Work with us.

It’s up to you at that point, but please, don’t go with option 1.

Now, we need to make sure there are no leaks in your funnel that cause you to lose potential customers. Remember, get the frame right, then focus on the engine.

Here’s the digital sales funnel broken down:

Digital Sales Funnel


What’s important is that you help your visitors through each stage of this funnel.  Once you have that system built, ongoing demand generation work would be the next, logical step.

But if you don’t have the funnel setup (the frame to your airplane), no matter how much you pump up that engine, ROI is limited.

The digital sales funnel isn’t a standard, a-la-carte offering.  All clients will go through a discovery process before we offer any ideas on “next steps”.  Strategy is key.

Gathering the in-depth information about your company, goals, and ideal customers is what makes this activity so beneficial.  You’ll keep the final document as part of our work together.  Some may find it helpful to share with sales, marketing, and other teams to help them understand your business.


Build the Frame, then the Engine.

Want To Discuss Your Digital Sales Funnel?

We’ll look into what you have now and discover what a digital sales funnel can do for your business.  Your success is our success, so we make sure that our clients will experience ROI with our work together.  That’s why strategy is at the core of all we do.