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Copywriting is an essential element of effective digital marketing.

Copywriting is the art and science that makes direct-response marketing flourish – writing in a way that entertains, educates, and engages.

It involves strategically and creatively delivering words that get people to take action (a “call-to-action”).

Having your prospects take action is the difference between a visitor and a sale, and a loyal client.

Copywriting is an art mastered subject to the 10,000 hours of practice rule. Be wary of copywriters who only work when a client project is available. Seek out those who practice every day.


SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is similar. This focuses on website copy that is appealing to readers, yet ranks well for search engines so you are among the first results in Google.

Search engines are sophisticated and have tremendous potential to reach your potential customers.

The fundamentals of writing to make customers take action still apply, but the writing becomes more technical and creative as we purposefully write for search engines as well.


Copywriting Is Essential

Great copy entertains, educates, and engages viewers. It can position your company precisely how you want to be seen and the way your potential customers most want to see you.

As mentioned, this art requires focused, continuous practice to excel at.

A simple way to see copywriting is:

  • The goal of the first sentence is to make the reader want to move to the second sentence
  • The goal of the second sentence is to make the reader want to move to the third sentence
  • The goal of the third sentence is to make the reader want to move to the fourth sentence
  • and so on…

Copywriting is one of the most undervalued skills that has the greatest impact. It is a competency we love to bring to businesses to help reposition their firm, drive more sales, and improve the overall function of their marketing efforts. Feel free to reach out and we can get started!