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Business Blogging

Business blogging is a digital marketing technique that creates content, builds Search Engine Optimization, and increases online visibility.

“Business blogging” is the act of creating short-form content. A “blog post” is a short article posted on your website’s blog page.

As a form of content marketing, blogs should entertain, educate, and/or engage.

Topics should be focused on your prospects’ interests.

An important element of an effective blog post is copywriting. If you want to succeed, you need well-written material.

Business Blogging will…

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Help convert traffic into leads
  • Establish authority
  • Drive long-term results

Examples of Great Blog Post Outcomes

  • Add valuable insight into your area of expertise
  • Take your fans behind the scenes
  • Seek out advice and insight from your customers
  • Build your digital community – highlight internal and external customers
  • Invite guest writers – you can have colleagues or industry thought-leaders weigh in on important issues
  • Use positive customer experiences as mini-case studies
  • Share photo-rich posts to engage
  • Answer the common questions of your audience
  • Showcase your products and services


Business blogging is underestimated in two ways:

  1. its impact, and
  2. it’s time-involvement.

As you know, being great at what you do is not the result of a superficial effort. Work with us and we will discover and define the potential in business blogging for you.



“67% more leads per month are generated by companies who blog” (Social Media b2b)

“Blogs give websites 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links” (Social Media b2b)