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“Don’t set your standards”

Probably don’t hear that too often, do you?

Let’s take a quick look today at why you might want to take this advice.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why you might want to reconsider your quality standards
  • How to establish your quality standards
  • The three main sources of your standards today


Don’t set your own standards. That’s probably advice you don’t hear too often. Whether you are offering services for something like advertising, law, accounting, or a medical practice – consider who is setting your quality standards.

In advertising, you might hear people say, “that’s a really great ad. It has impactful visuals, a great, engaging headline… It’s just, good!But what defines good? Is it benefiting the customer? Is your client really gaining from your work, or is it just creative and effective as far as the industry standards are concerned.

Or, let’s take lawyers for example. They might create a really great brief. But, let’s also forget about the fact that the brief could have avoided an issue altogether that it brought up; or the fact it could have been done a couple of thousand dollars sooner.

So what’s driving these standards? Is it your ego? Your industry and what they say is best? Or is it your clients?

Think about this for your own business and your offerings. Especially for those who have industry set guidelines and eyes on everything they do. Who is setting your quality standards, and who should be setting your standards?

The answer is simple: it’s your clients. They come through your door, pay the bills, and hopefully, love what you do.

You can still be mindful of industry standards and requirements, just please don’t ignore the standards set by your clients. That keeps cash flowing.

Now make sure you set a few minutes aside to think about this for your own business.



David J. Bradley is the Best Selling author of Getting Digital Marketing Right and Managing Director of Primal Digital Marketing. He is an entrepreneur dedicated to the growth of his clients, his team, and himself. To learn more about David, click here.