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Reputation management is important for any brand, large and small.  Fortunately for small and medium-sized businesses, reputation management can be pretty easy to start with.

In this short video, you’ll learn how to set up a Google Alerts system to monitor your brand online, 24/7/365 (not bad that it’s monitored by arguably the most powerful internet brand, ever).


In this episode:

0:06 – What is “Google Alerts”?

0:20 – How to get started setting up an alert

0:42 – The power of quotations

1:00 – Setting specific options for your alerts


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Hey guys, today we’re going to talk about a quick tip using Google Alerts to manage your reputation online.  Now Google Alerts is basically a system that allows you to monitor the web for any search terms you are specifically interested in.  You can be as specific as you want in this.

For example, we’re going to go to Google.com/Alerts.  Let’s say we enter the company name – Primal Digital Marketing.  We see the results appear below that search term.  At first, it isn’t relevant to us because it’s searching for a general term, not a specific phrase.

So, we want to put this in quotations.  We can see when we do that, we’re getting the results we are interested in.  It’s all on our topic – our company.  Now that we have that set, we want to go to “Show Options”.  Now we can choose more specifics.  The categories to specify for your Alerts are as follows: How often, Sources, Language, Region, How many, and (email to) Deliver to.

Now we can click “Create Alert”.  We can see it under “My Alerts” with the options to edit or delete it there.  Now you can wait for new results to pop-up online and the email to be delivered to you.

Hope that helps you.  Now that you have these alerts you will know when someone is talking about you online, for better or worse, and you can act accordingly.


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