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Dentists are full-time business owners and medical professionals. That makes it difficult to put the energy needed towards marketing to grow a practice.

Considering that, here’s 3 quick marketing tips for dentists. Each are vital to marketing a practice, but also flexible.

In this episode:

0:10 – Why automation is so important to you

0:30 – My recommendation of what to start automating and how

1:15 – How “triggers” work in online marketing

2:00 – The question you need to answer to stand out from the competition

3:00 – Developing your search engine optimization (SEO) plan

3:35 – An important piece in your SEO plan



I’ve got 3 quick tips for dentists interested in digital marketing, but at the same time, don’t want to get overwhelmed.

First of all, automate what you can. You’re a full-time dentist and a full-time business owner; that’s a lot of work. You need to figure out how you can improve what you offer while at the same time not burden yourself and your team any more than needed. I like to do this through automating the lead generation and nurturing sequence.

One great example of this is using autoresponders. Autoresponders are email series that trickle information to potential clients at just the right time with valuable content. Next time they need a dentist or an appointment, they’re going to go with you. You already offered them something of value without asking for anything from them. This is a great way to build credibility and trust while filling your pipeline with new clients as you go forward.

Another great idea is marketing automation based on “triggers”. So, if someone goes to a certain page on your website and clicks a specific link, they get an email about that topic. That would be really powerful if you could help someone in their quest for cosmetic dentistry, for example. They’re trying to find the best dentist for them, but maybe “the best dentist” is the one that reaches out to them after they looked at a video on their website about cosmetic dentist and then they followed up to provide information the prospect would find useful. That would be powerful in persuading someone to believe that you are the best one for what you’re offering. And, at the same time, that doesn’t take any more energy out of you or your team.

The second tip is: define your unique selling proposition. Now, I’m not a fan of these marketing terms myself. But, what that really means is “what makes you unique, and why should we choose you over the competition?” Especially if there’s another dental office that’s closer to the prospect.

So, you have to establish what this message is before you try to put it through any medium like email marketing, or social media, or so on. So, what service are you the best at? What are you known for? What do you want to be known for? Do you accommodate professionals by working on Saturdays or later at night than other dentists do? Are you specifically an expert in a certain area that others may not be? Figure this out, be very specific, stay true to it, make sure it’s something you’re excited about, and make it part of your messaging.

The final tip is to develop your SEO plan. Search engine optimization is important. We know when someone is interested in something, like a dentist, they will go o Google and type something like “Dentist in Providence, RI”, The people that come up on the first page of the results get the most visibility and are most likely to be contacted. You want to be one of the people on the first page of results.

You do that through great content that is beneficial to the people viewing it; the prospects. You may do this through cornerstone content – really valuable content about certain offerings you have and ways you can provide value to the customer. It can also be from consistent content, like blog posts. The blog post should be reasonably lengthy – around 800 words or so. But, most important is that they are quality. Just don’t spend time making 200-300 word posts, because those will not be highly valued.

It’s all about getting information about your website, social media, and so on across to the customer so that they can see we’re a valuable choice for them. If you can do that and automate the process so it’s not heavy on you, and you can define a unique message that speaks to who you are, then you are going to see benefits throughout your marketing strategy.

I hope you found this helpful. Make sure you get out there, define your specific message, and you start building the marketing strategy around that.



David J. Bradley is the Best Selling author of Getting Digital Marketing Right and Managing Director of Primal Digital Marketing. He is an entrepreneur dedicated to the growth of his clients, his team, and himself. To learn more about David, click here.