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If you’ve paid attention to the latest updates in the online marketing world, you probably at least heard of “marketing automation“.

Why all the fuss? Let’s break it down to the benefits and the features.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • The three benefits of marketing automation
  • The three features of automation that we love
  • How you can get started at a low cost, low risk, and high opportunity

Benefits of Marketing Automation:

There are three primary benefits of automation:

  1. Drive more leads
  2. Convert more leads to sales
  3. Simplify and streamline

Having visitors on your website is great, but its just the start.  A visitor is just that, a fleeting view by someone who may or may not be a prospect.  You will never know when there’s no interaction and engagement that qualifies them as a lead.

Marketing automation helps with that.  When we get to features, we’ll discuss how elements like anonymous ID, web analytics and more help to drive leads.

Once you have leads, you need to do something with them if you want your business to grow.  That’s the stage we call “conversion” – taking the prospect from lead to customer.

There’s a number of features that help with this, but the prominent features are autoresponders, sales intelligence, and lead scoring.  These allow us to engage with the lead in an optimal way.  It allows us to send the best messages at the right time to the right prospect.  It allows our sales team to know what to say and when to say it.  It simply helps us close deals.

Finally, simplifying and streamlining is important to businesses.  That’s why most successful companies (and those eventually sold for millions) are systemized.  There is an upfront investment of time into automation, and it is a continual process, but when you run automation in your business, you can save time, save money, and save energy.

Features of Marketing Automation:

Now lets go a bit more in-depth.  We can talk endlessly about the different features, so lets focus on just a few today: anonymous identification, lead scoring, and comprehensive analysis.

Anonymous Identification

I’m a huge proponent of using effective forms on your website to gain validated leads.  But did you know that only results on average in 2% of visitors?  What about the 98% who don’t engage with you?  Lost into the abyss of the internet (and likely to a competitors website)…

Now, how about if you could track those visitors?  Get the information you wouldn’t have otherwise, like name, phone, email, company, page visits, and search terms?  What power would that give you?

That’s the feature of marketing automation that I’m most excited about.  It gives you a tremendous opportunity you wouldn’t normally have.  It arms your marketing and sales teams with information they need to be effective.  In my opinion, it delivers one of the greatest impacts on ROI when you open your audience up to those who aren’t actively engaging you.

Lead Scoring

Scoring leads is another amazing feature of marketing automation.  What does it allow you to do?

Lead scoring enables your sales team to focus on hot prospects – those that are most engaged and likely to buy.  This eliminates wasted time and helps you focus on your ideal customers that are ready to buy, but need that small push to help them see the value you offer.  It also makes your sales team tremendously more effective – which means they are happier as well.

Comprehensive Analysis

Cut out the noise and get right to the information you want.  Need to know the ROI of a marketing campaign?  No problem, robust reporting features allow you to do that.

Using Google AdWords?  No problem, we can track your paid search campaigns and follow all the costs associated with it.  Need custom reports on your campaigns or CRM?  Got that.

That’s the beauty of a great marketing automation system – you can track just about everything you want.


Marketing Automation with Primal Digital Marketing

I am pleased to announce that we are offering marketing automation.

What sets us apart from large companies like HubSpot, Marketo, and others?

Competitive Pricing

We want to work with you.  No, really.  We know you hear that everywhere, but here’s the difference: our pricing matches that statement.  The power of marketing automation is powerful, and we want to share that.  We looked at your other options and created three packages to offer the best features at the best price so you can get what you need to grow at a reasonable cost.

No Large Upfront Costs

Other companies require an entire year upfront.  Given their higher costs, this can easily be over $14,000.  On average, ours would cost you less than $7,000 for the same opportunity.

Not convinced yet?

$800/month Cap

We will never charge you more than $800.  We won’t harass you for doing a great job and getting more leads in your system.  We want to support you, no matter how large you grow!  No paying extra for each 1,000 new contacts.  This can save your company thousands a year.

And rest assured…

We offer all the great features that large competitors do.

So, if you want to learn more, reach out by email to [email protected], or see the page on marketing automation here.


Do you use marketing automation?  How’s it worked for you?  Does anything hold you back from starting?


David J. Bradley is the Best Selling author of Getting Digital Marketing Right and Managing Director of Primal Digital Marketing. He is an entrepreneur dedicated to the growth of his clients, his team, and himself. To learn more about David, click here.