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White-Label Content

As a marketer, you know how vital content can be to stand out from the crowd, deliver value, and nurture prospects.  But the biggest pain is the endless hours, keystrokes, and cups of coffee that goes into each piece of content.  Let us handle that for you while you focus on revenue-generating activities.

Business Strategies

Step-by-step marketing strategies, word-for-word sales scripts, and complete business strategies, resources, and tools to accelerate your business forward.  It’s all held inside.

Full $500 Reimbursement

Become a strategic partner with us in the future by working with us to fulfill your client’s needs.  That means you enjoy a team with flexible capacity, deep expertise, and high profit margin opportunity… and in exchange, you are reimbursed $500 that was invested in the accelerator program for being a partner!

What’s Included Inside?

White-Label Content*:

  • eBook: Advanced PPC Management
  • eBook: Building a Successful PPC Campaign
  • Presentation: The Current State of Digital Marketing
  • Presentation: Lead Generation in Social Media
  • Presentation: Retargeting 101
  • Lead Magnet: Stand Out in 6 Steps – USP Creation
  • Tool: Social Media Calendar (Light)
  • Tool: Social Media Calendar (Basic)
  • Tool: Social Media Calendar (Full)

*That means you re-brand this under your own name and use it as you wish to nurture and educate prospects and clients.

Business Strategies and Training:

  • Proposal Templates
  • Mindset for Success
  • Selecting Your Best Clients
  • Contingency Partnership Strategies
  • Spreadsheet: Cash Flow Statements
  • Video Course: Digital Marketing Training
  • Ideal Client Profile Generation
  • Recommended Resources
  • Standard Operating Procedures, or, SOPs (PPC Operations, Prospecting, Administration, Onboarding Process)

Thought Leadership:

  • Getting Gigs As A Speaker
  • Making Blogging Worthwhile
  • Creation Of A Hit Online Course
  • Step-By-Step Guide to Authoring A Best-Seller

Sales Scripts:

  • Consultation Scripts
  • Discovery Sessions
  • Cold Calling to Leadership
  • Cold Call with Report
  • Leap Frogging Script
  • Successful Sales Mindset

Marketing Strategies

  • Direct Mail
    • “Lumpy” or “3D” That Really Stands Out
    • Sales Letters to Close Consults
  • Networking
    • Get Your Mind On Right
    • Stand Out From The Crowd
  • Leveraging Social Media
    • LinkedIn Strategies
    • Facebook Campaigns
  • Events
    • Creating Your Own Mastermind
    • Running a Speaking Event
  • Referral Generation
    • Make It Rain With Referrals Webinar
    • Referral Kickstart Guide
    • Ready-To-Go Systems
      • (6+ systems and counting)
  • Online Sales Funnels
    • Niche-Specific Funnels
    • Consulting Sales Funnels
  • Email Outreach
    • Cold Call 2.0 with Scripts
    • Free Video Review with Scripts
    • How to Automate 100% Of Your Outreach
  • Phone Outreach
    • Market Research Calls